The Northern Elevator Company constructed the elevator on the north side of UGG’s in 1922. The National Grain logo was added in the 1940s, after it acquired Northern Elevator. Cargill briefly owned the elevator before it was finally acquired by Paterson in 1979.

In the final years of operation the grain cleaner was removed from the ceiling of the elevators driveway to make room for large trucks to unload. The elevator has two annexes – a balloon annex built in the 1940s and a permanent vertical cribbed annex built in the 50s. The office was built in the 1930s, with a storage room occupying half the space. There was also a coal storage shed on the site. The chemical shed and office have been fully restored and housed the site’s gift shop initially. Souvenirs are now available at the administration office adjacent to the Paterson.

Northern Elevator at Inglis

The exterior of the National Elevator will be completed once funding for the $275,000 project is raised.