Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site

Inglis Area Heritage Committee Joins Forces with the Living Legacy Community Foundation:

The restoration of the Inglis Elevators is complete and now The Inglis Area Heritage Committee is working towards a sustainable future to ensure that these Prairie Sentinels will be enjoyed by future generations for many years to come.

The Inglis Area Heritage Committee Inc. has joined forces with the Living Legacy Community Foundation to create the Inglis Elevators Endowment Fund.

Gifts made to the endowment will be held forever and the interest will be shared annually with the Inglis Area Heritage Committee to assist with operating costs and ongoing maintenance. “We see this as a way of ensuring our long term sustainability” says committee Chairperson, Marcia Rowat. “It took over 10 years to raise the $2 million required to complete the restoration project and now it is really important that we plan for the future. Our goal is to raise another $500,000 or more for the endowment!” Rowat goes on to say that the committee is really fortunate to have the Living Legacy Community Foundation to work with as it has opened another door to their fundraising efforts.

Gifts given to the endowment will be acknowledged by a tax deductible receipt issued by the Living Legacy Community Foundation.

The endowment can also receive gifts in memory of loved ones. In addition, donations can be made on behalf of a family member or friend, a great gift idea for any special occasion like Christmas, Birthday’s and Anniversaries. “People have a great affection for the memories conjured up by these Prairie Giants. What better way to acknowledge that than to give a gift on their behalf.” says Rowat.

The site continues to draw visitors from around the world. This summer guests have come from all across Canada, the United States, various parts of Europe and as far away as Australia and Japan. The committee remains amazed at the keen interest in the site. They have provided tours to a number of school groups and large bus tour groups. The secure annual funding provided by the endowment will ensure that the site can be sufficiently staffed, interpretive programs can be further developed and that site maintenance can occur in the future.

For details on making a donation to the endowment, feel free to contact one of the Board members or to leave a phone or email message at the Inglis Elevator Office. Phone: 564-2243 or e-mail A board member will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Living Legacy Community Foundation

Make an online donation to the Inglis Elevator Fund

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